Meridian Home Care offers a wide variety of home medical, non-medical support and in-home rehabilitation services to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. All of our programs are coordinated by highly trained and experienced professionals whose focus is to provide the most friendly and compassionate care for our patients in their homes. We approach all patients as individuals, carefully assessing all medical conditions and needs before assigning a caregiver.

After an assessment, we develop an individualized plan of care and assign a professional that best matches the needs of the client. The plan of care will outline the services, frequency and duration of visits, and will coordinate with our internal and external health providers as necessary. After a caregiver is assigned, our agency performs routine follow up visits at your home to make sure all expectations are being met.

Here’s a list of some the services we provide (click to view service specifics):


For more information on our Home Care, Nursing and Rehabilitation Services contact our office at (905) 683-2111.